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        Welcome to our website, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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        Guangtong kitchenware co., ltd

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        Add.:The government of Caitang Town in Chao an District is approaching

        Contact:Manager Xie

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            Guangtong Mall[2018-11-30]
            Guangtong Mall brand flagship direct sales, counters authentic, enjoy convenient life! Enjoy a happy shopping on GUANGTONG88.XIN online self-order, save money and worry!...
            Guangtong brand[2018-09-21]
            Guangtong brand is the leading brand in kitchen utensils industry! Its platform products include kitchenware, tableware, cookware, hotel supplies, household supplies and kitchen supplies. Is the first choice brand for a new generation of l...
            Guangtong platform[2018-09-21]
            Guangtong Platform, Leading Kitchen Ware Gathering Station! Including stainless steel products, kitchenware, tableware, cookware, hotel supplies, household supplies, kitchen supplies, high-quality manufacturers and dealers in various field...
            Guangtong's " Enjoy Surplus Treasure"[2018-09-21]
            Guangtongs Enjoy Surplus Treasures! Sharing, Profit, Valuable! Let you easily invest, share profits, and be forever valuable! Guangtong has gathered valuable resources from industry channels to expand the market and gain profits for manufa...
            Guangtong ( Guan Tong 88. com ) gathers network channel resources so that manufacturers can use the power of the Internet to build brand influence and expand sales for products in domestic or global markets. We are willing to join hands wi...
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        TEL:(+86)768 6663158  FAX:(+86)768 6683159    Contacts:Manager Xie  Mailbox:guangtong9999@163.com  
        Address:The government of Caitang Town in Chao an District is approaching