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        Welcome to our website, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
        Sales call/(+86)768 6663158
        (+86)768 6663158

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        Guangtong kitchenware co., ltd

        Phone:(+86) 15876888388


        Add.:The government of Caitang Town in Chao an District is approaching

        Contact:Manager Xie

        Contact us

          Contact us

          Producer: guangtong kitchenware co., ltd
          Manufacturer: Guangtong Stainless Steel Products Factory, Caitang Town, Chao 'an District, Chaozhou City
          Contact: Manager Xie
          Mobile phone: (+86) 15876888388
          Wealth Hotline: (+86)768 6663158
          Company fax: (+86)768 6683159
          Mailbox: 2469613872@qq.com
          Address: The government of Caitang Town in Chao 'an District is near
          China Tong:  guangtong88.com
          Good faithxinstationguangtong88.xin

          Ali station:  guangtong88.1688.com


          Public Platform ( Service Number ):guangtong9999

          Public Platform ( Service Number ):guangtong6789

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        TEL:(+86)768 6663158  FAX:(+86)768 6683159    Contacts:Manager Xie  Mailbox:guangtong9999@163.com  
        Address:The government of Caitang Town in Chao an District is approaching